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Time lapse and hyperlapse photography are incredible tools that can bring your projects a creative new perspective.  The beauty of time lapse (aside from speeding up time) is that the finished product often reveals interesting patterns and movements you wouldn't have otherwise noticed in real time.  It can transform what might look like an ordinary scene into something extraordinary.

When most people think of time lapse they think of someone setting up a camera to watch a plant grow or a building being built.  However, if you watch most current tv shows and movies, many of them incorporate time lapse to show the passage of time or transition between scenes.  A classic example is showing a sun setting or rising over a city to show the end or start of a day.

Whether you are looking for custom content for commercial use, documenting an event, or stock cityscape or landscape footage, contact us to learn how we can incorporate time lapse or hyperlapse into your next project.

Chicago 2020 is a chronological time lapse film documenting living in the city in the year 2020 including sunrises, sunsets, landscapes and downtown scenes, streetscapes, storms, and events utilizing timelapse, hyperlapse, video and photographic techniques. 2020 seemed to have a little bit of everything including a worldwide pandemic that altered our everyday lives. Emotions ran high and it was both a confusing and clarifying time for many. Although there weren't a lot of large gatherings or summer festivals typical of the city, life still moved on and people found ways to stay active.

This time lapse compilation documents scenes and events taken throughout the year in the City of Chicago at various parts of the day from sunrises to sunsets, night and streetscapes, aerial and hyperlapse photography. Final edit is composed of over 14,000 photos all taken during 2019.

This time lapse compilation was created from a variety of clips taken on a weekend trip to New York City in the winter of 2019 capturing people and traffic near 42nd Street, Grand Central Terminal and Times Square at various times of the day.

Watch clouds float by and the city lights come on during this day to night cityscape time lapse of the city of Chicago.

Sunset and night time lapse compilation at Navy Pier in Chicago including the swings, ferris wheel and visitors

Fourth of July felt a little different in 2020. For many it was more of a time of reflection. For others it meant spending time at home to stay safe and healthy. For those that did celebrate, it likely wasn't quite the same as years past. One thing was for sure, the neighborhood fireworks were incredible.

If you haven't seen the bridge lifts in Chicago, you should definitely check it out! They happen both in the fall and in the spring to let tall ships and sailboats through the river at the start and end of the boating seasons.  I traveled roughly 6 miles on foot with my gear to create this particular time lapse compilation.

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