Lapse Life Productions is a full service time lapse, photography and video production company.  We specialize in creating a product that tells a compelling story specific to each clients needs.  Whether it is time lapse, photography or video production, our team will strive to provide you with budget friendly solutions through our creative thinking and design process.
Creative Director - Joseph Kirsch
Joe Kirsch
Joe is a content creator based in Chicago, IL.
His passion for creating dates back to his youth in rural Wisconsin where he picked up his first camera and began taking photos of wildlife and nature.  After moving to Chicago for college and working several years as a licensed architect, he had a creative itch that wasn't being scratched and began shifting towards his true passion of photography.  He began licensing his work in the spring of 2017, officially changing his hobby into a profession. 

The name Lapse Life was created as Joe fell in love with time-lapse photography. He began to document his every day life via his lapses and created hundreds of clips of himself and his family doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing dominos, etc., it was only the introduction to a much deeper passion he has yet to quench.  When he's not out shooting, he's editing, when he's not editing, you can find him traveling or spending time with his beautiful wife and kids.

His photography, time lapses, and video compilations have been featured by:
ABC, Starbucks, NBC, Skydeck, 360 Chicago and more.

He is also a current FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot License holder.

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Director of Business Development - Sharlene Alexander
Sharlene is an experienced business entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL.

Her business expertise started right out of college when she opened her own tutoring business for children with ADHD.  Shortly after starting that business it led her into becoming a self published author with her best selling book climbing to Amazon's top 10 children's books in the Kindle bookstore.  Although Sharlene still enjoys writing, she entered the corporate world to expand her knowledge of business.  Her first corporate job was working in sales at Yelp, Inc. and she most recently joined the operations team at an insurance tech startup in Downtown Chicago.

Her passion for helping individuals with their struggles in life has been apparent through all of her endeavors and has created lasting relationships throughout her professional career.

When Sharlene is not cooking up new ideas, she spends time with her family and travels.
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